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Welcome to CMW Roofing and Siding, your premier commercial roofing company in Monroe, CT, where we understand that the roof over your commercial property is more than just a structural element; it’s an investment in the future of your business. We are committed to providing premier commercial roofing services in Monroe, CT, and the surrounding tri-state area. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and the extensive range of services we offer, including roof repair, replacement, and new construction, sets us apart. Our team of experienced commercial roofing contractors is equipped to handle any commercial roofing project, big or small, ensuring that your commercial property is protected, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofing systems are varied and complex, designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial buildings. Here’s a look at some of the types of commercial roofs we specialize in, utilizing a wide range of commercial roofing materials:

Flat Roofs: Popular for their cost-effectiveness and practicality, flat roofs are a common choice for many commercial buildings. We offer various roofing materials for flat roofs, including PVC, TPO, and EPDM rubber roofing, known for their durability and energy efficiency.

Metal Roofing: Ideal for commercial properties looking for longevity and fire resistance, metal roofing is both durable and versatile. It reflects solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs during high temperatures.

Green Roofs: These are not only visually appealing but also promote better air quality, reduce energy costs, and manage stormwater. Green roofs are part of our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing solutions.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR): Known for its multiple layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabric, BUR offers enhanced protection against water and temperature extremes. It’s a durable choice for commercial buildings with low-slope or flat roofs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing: This roofing type is similar to BUR but involves the use of modified bitumen membranes, offering improved flexibility, tensile strength, and temperature adaptability. It’s excellent for buildings experiencing high temperatures and heavy traffic.

Asphalt Shingles and Wood Shakes: Although more common in residential roofing, some commercial properties opt for these materials for their aesthetic appeal and insulation properties. They are suitable for buildings with steeper slopes.

Roof Coatings: Applied over existing roof systems, coatings can extend the life of a roof by providing additional protection from the elements. They can improve energy efficiency and are available for various roofing systems.

Each type of commercial roofing system has its own set of benefits, and choosing the right one depends on your specific roofing needs, the architectural style of your building, and your budget. Our insured roofing company prides itself on working closely with building owners to select the best materials and installation methods to ensure a successful project with long-lasting results.

Our Commercial Roofing Services in Monroe, CT

Roof Repairs: Our team tackles all repair needs, ensuring long-lasting solutions for leaks and damage across various roofing types. We focus on restoring your roof’s functionality and extending its lifespan.

24/7 Emergency Services: We’re ready around the clock for urgent repair needs, offering fast responses to protect your property and minimize business disruptions.

Commercial Roof Replacement: When repairs aren’t enough, we provide tailored roof replacement, selecting the ideal materials and systems for durability and efficiency.

New Construction: We collaborate from planning to execution on new builds, ensuring your roof is installed with precision for lasting protection and performance.

Preventative Maintenance: Our maintenance programs include inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs to prevent major issues and extend your roof’s life.

Green Services and Sustainability: We offer eco-friendly roofing options that not only help the environment but also provide energy savings, including green roofs and solar options.

Why Choose CMW Roofing and Siding

Decades of Experience: With years of dedicated service, our expertise in commercial roofing and siding projects across Monroe, CT, and the tri-state area ensures that we bring knowledge and skill to every project.

Unmatched Customer Service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. We strive to exceed expectations at every turn, providing personalized service that addresses each client’s unique needs.

Top-Quality Materials and Innovative Technology: We use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology in roofing systems, ensuring durable, long-lasting solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Award-Winning Reputation: Our excellence has been recognized with various industry awards, underlining our commitment to quality workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction.

commercial roofing services in Monroe, CT.
commercial roof.

Safety and Compliance

At CMW Roofing and Siding, safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety standards and are in full compliance with all relevant regulations, ensuring a safe working environment for our team and peace of mind for our clients. Our dedication to safety has been recognized with numerous awards and recognitions, reflecting our continuous effort to not only meet but exceed safety expectations in every project we undertake.


Do I need a new roof if there’s a leak?

Not necessarily. A leak indicates roof damage that requires prompt attention. A thorough inspection can determine whether a full replacement is necessary.

Can I install a new commercial roof over my old one?

It’s possible if your building has only one layer of roofing, and the existing roof is in good condition. However, buildings cannot have more than two layers due to structural stress concerns.

How can I tell if my business needs a new roof?

A professional roof assessment is the best way to evaluate the condition of your existing roof. Signs of internal damage, such as leaks or mold, could indicate the need for replacement.

When is the best time to schedule a roof survey?

Ideally, schedule a roof survey at the beginning of spring. However, if you notice signs of roofing emergencies, it’s crucial to contact a contractor as soon as possible.

How much will a new commercial roof cost?

The cost varies based on factors like roof size, existing roof condition, roof access, chosen materials, and warranty type. A detailed assessment is necessary to create an accurate budget.

How long does a commercial roofing system last?

Lifespan depends on the roofing system: Spray Polyurethane Foam can last 30-50 years, Single-Ply Membrane (TPO) 15-20 years, EPDM 20-25 years, Metal 30-45 years, and Built-Up 10-15 years.

How long does it take to install a new commercial roof?

Installation time varies based on the project’s complexity, including the building’s size, roof type, any existing damage, and weather conditions.

How do I know which type of roof is right for my business?

Roofing experts can help you choose the best system based on your facility’s specific needs, considering factors like climate, energy costs, and building use.

What should I do if my commercial roof leaks?

Immediately take steps to protect your facility’s interior and contact your roofing contractor for emergency services. It’s crucial to address leaks promptly to avoid further damage.

Can I install a commercial roof myself?

It’s highly recommended to use professional contractors for commercial roofing projects to ensure safety, proper installation, and durability. Roofing involves complex processes that require expertise.

"CMW completed my roof, siding, gutters, and windows. Company is very professional and responsive. They did a great job with all services provided. Highly recommend CMW Roofing & Siding!"


At CMW Roofing and Siding, we’re here to address all your commercial roofing needs with expert care and attention to detail. Whether you’re facing immediate repair needs, contemplating a full roof replacement, or planning a new construction project, our team is ready to provide you with the guidance and solutions you seek. We offer a no-obligation inspection or consultation to accurately assess your roofing needs, ensuring that you receive personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a comprehensive evaluation and quote that will help safeguard your investment and enhance your commercial property. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your roof are our top priorities, so contact us today to take the first step toward a more secure and efficient roofing system.

Kyle Clarkson
Kyle Clarkson
CMW Roofing & Siding does a great job. They are quick, easy to work with and have affordable pricing for new siding projects.
Drew C.
Drew C.
Great service at a great price. I called them to ask when they would start and they let me know that the work was already completed. I had someone go check it out and the gutters looked great.
I have had the pleasure of working with Henry for a few years now. Any time we have ever had any issues with leaks Henry arrives as quickly as possible and offers a wide array of solutions tiered to my price range. He is knowledgeable, kind, and caring with my family and I. He has always worked with us to offer the best long term solutions to our problems and he comes highly recommended from me. It is a rare thing to find a contractor who cares about your home, with CMW I have found just that. Thank you to Henry and his entire team for always being there to find solutions for our home.
Alex Fucci
Alex Fucci
i had water leaking from the roof . after calling 3 companies CMW was the only one that answered the phone. they installed new roof shingles and new siding that was damaged, they did an excellent job, yhank you.
Leslie Feltham
Leslie Feltham
Xavier is great. He is honest and makes you feel comfortable. All the work was done quickly and efficiently! This company is amazing. If you need the services they offer, 100% hire them! Honest, kind, compassionate. I can't say enough good things about them.
Vincent Ziccolella
Vincent Ziccolella
Simple call, Henry had his crew out right away! We had new gutter helmets installed and couldn’t be happier!
Blake Demetro
Blake Demetro
All around amazing experience Communication skills were excellent installation Quick and clean, left my property as clean as it was before they started The CMW team is the best highly recommended
Justin Scheckler
Justin Scheckler
Xavier and his team were phenomenal with helping us and guiding throughout the process of replacing our roof. Very thorough and very patient with all of our questions every step of the way. The roof looks great and we know it will last most of our lifetime. We even had a small hiccup with our flat part of roof that wasn't draining great(no fault to CMW just an old support beam) and Xavier came out promptly and made adjustments to fix everything no questions asked. I think these guys really do pride themselves in their work, and care about making the customer happy. Xavier also didn't pressure us about any sales at any point and told us not to worry about our siding for awhile. Something we were concerned about, and that there's no rush to do that project while we save. That really goes a long way for the customer to know that they'll be available when the time comes, but when we feel ready. We will definitely be using them again when it comes time to do siding. Thank you Xavier and CMW
Gina Kastner
Gina Kastner
I highly recommend CMW roofing. We had a roof and gutters replacement. The owner and his team were professional and knowledgeable. The employees arrived and worked in unison to ensure the job was completed on time. We were extremely pleased with the cleanup and the overall experience and outcome of this project. Thank you Henry and your great team.